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One angry old man against the world



If I disagree with one persons point of view, I will argue my view using ‘reason, logic, example and sometimes humour.’ Sadly I seem to be in the minority, today if someone has a different view, they seem to resort to name calling and insults, usually in the form of ‘labels’ ie., the ‘stereotypes’; ‘fascist’, ‘communist’, ‘liberal’, ‘right-wing’, ‘left-wing’, ‘nazi’, etc. The stronger the opponent disagrees, the greater the level of insults, sometime the grammar and spelling give away the low IQ of the opponent, but not always, (spell checkers). I’m now seeing the same methods used in the so called ‘free’ press, where we have the right to expect ‘truth’ and balanced reporting. Instead we get one-sided ‘smear’ and ‘propaganda’ tirades against any group or individual who has the effrontery to point out the flaws, or criticize the system in any way. Until recently, all critics were lumped together under the general label of ‘Conspiracy theorist’s’, but that is no longer ‘insulting’ enough for the current crop of ‘crap spreaders’ that go under the guise of ‘journalist’. Although the educational standards seem to have dropped drastically since I attended my last school, it’s not fair to lay the blame solely in that direction. Modern society seems to favour confrontation over cooperation. Why is this the current norm? Could it be that those in power have a vested interest in promoting division and disorder?

Personally, I think we should ignore all these ‘labels’, after all, we are given so many of them from the moment we are born; ‘boy’, ‘girl’, ‘black’, ‘white’, ‘asian’, ‘African’, ‘Indian’, ‘Christian’, ‘Jew’, ‘Gentile’, we are ‘named’, given an ‘ID’ number, a ‘social class’, even an expected ‘level’ of future attainment. In reality, we are all just commodities to be used and abused by those in power.

When we start in Education, more ‘labels’; I’Q’, ‘subject score’, ‘under/over achiever’, ‘rowdy’, ‘troublesome’, ‘ADD sufferer’, ‘dyslectic’, ‘disruptive’, ‘bully’, etc. The standard Education system seems to be designed to destroy individuality, to force each child to conform to the same submissive mould. And what the hell is this ‘Common Core Crap’ currently pushed by Washington? (Einstein said: Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.)So the whole education system seems to be of little use to the individual, unless you enjoy being ‘brain-washed’.

On higher education; the cost of a degree has spiraled to an unattainable level, while it’s effectiveness at securing a decent job has plummeted. Another useless piece of paper in a paper driven world. Large sections of the ‘middle class’ have been ‘devalued’ to become ‘bankrupt’, or ‘unemployed’, or both. The lower classes are labeled ‘shiftless’, ‘lazy’, or ‘workshy’, when their unemployment is the fault of ‘greedy’ corporations who refuse to spend any of their enormous profits to supply enough ‘jobs’ for the growing population, (or for Governments to recognise overpopulation as a problem). It maybe worth noting that many of the worlds millionaires, did not attend any form of ‘higher’ education, so save your money and ‘invest it’ wisely.

Money printing, cronyism and corruption do not create ‘jobs’, except in banking, political and financial spheres. Stock markets and commodity prices are ‘manipulated’ continuously to give the ‘illusion’ of a stable and sustainable economy, while the true indicators, ’employment’, ‘production’, and ‘prices’ (to the consumer) are ignored, or at best ‘misreported’. The ‘benevolent’ society of my youth seems to have morphed into some greed driven monster that takes from the ‘poor’ and gives to the ‘rich’, not something that can be sustained for long without some very severe consequences for the future. Talking of the future, all this ‘debt’ creation, (by Governments and the ‘Elite’), is robbing all our future generations of any kind of a reasonable lifestyle. Things need to change drastically and soon into something rational and more sustainable, if those in charge don’t see the logic of that argument, then there is no hope for any of us, (them included.)



The latest ‘fraud’ in the ‘Banksters’ arsenal is; not to inform you when a ‘withdrawal’ – from a hole in the wall machine, – will exceed your actual balance and put you into ‘overdraft’. They then charge you for an ‘unauthorised’ overdraft. Another nice little ‘earner’ for the Oligarchs.

Be forewarned – Spikey.

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