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Looking Back


Someone said that “before you die, your life flashes before your eyes.” Well I seem to have a slow-mo version of that. Let me explain; I’m old, at least I feel old and I’m remembering things I haven’t thought about for years. Things I’m seeing with such clarity, its scary. Now, having never been old before, I don’t know if this is the norm, or what? When the highlight of my day; is a hot shower or a good crap – preferably not together, tends to block the drain – I think I must be old.

I guess I have my share of ‘good’ memories and ‘bad’ one’s, (some that I would sooner forget,) but all in all, its not been a bad life. In fact I’m very glad I was born when I was. To be born into the current world, with its insatiable greed and unbelievable selfishness by the Elite, makes me very sad for the younger generation and the generations to come. A word of advice of advice from an ‘old git’, “stick it to the man”, any way you can! They don’t like an ‘uncompliant’, ‘rebellious’ population. It’s the little things they hate the most, things they have little, or no control over, because they are all ‘control freaks’. Which is the reason you wont find a picture, or any details about me on my blog, (details in this blog are as vague as I can make them because I know it pisses them off.)

I used to argue all the time with my younger brother, I think most siblings do. But ours was a recurring argument, about which way to go in adult life. I thought that the best way to go was to learn as much as possible about as many things as possible. My brother thought specialisation was the answer. We never did agree on this, he became one of Europe’s best engravers, and I became a ‘jack of all trades.’ We were both happy with our choices, but I consider that I got the best deal. You see, I love to learn – especially new things, – and when a job became ‘boring’, I moved on. Simple jobs didn’t last long, but where there was a lot to learn, or each day was different, they would often last for months, or even years. (This was in the days of ‘full employment’, before the Elite got greedy.)

I have experienced so many different fields, that when I compare my life with someone who stuck to one or two, I feel like I’ve lived multiple lives. I don’t mean that in a derogatory fashion, like my brother; many are happy with their choices. There are also many who never discovered what they wanted from life, and drifted from job to job, I have been accused or that from time to time, but I never took it ‘personally.’

Being a ‘Jack of all trades’ has some great advantages; I have never had to pay a ‘professional’ to work on anything I have owned, be it bike, motorbike, car, house, or any of the contents therein. Thus over a lifetime I have saved myself and my partner a small fortune, plus DIY is very satisfying; to look at something and be able to say “I did that!” “Mmmmmm!”

Back in the days when Governments saw Education as a ‘good thing’ for its young, I went to Building School and learnt all 5 trades. Then ‘night School’, 5 nights a week, studying anything and everything that took my fancy, for the princely sum of £3-10shillings a term, (subsidized of course.) When I see what greedy businesses are charging for a ‘crappy’ education today, I feel really sorry for the young and the way they have been ‘shafted.’

I studied the things I enjoyed, and the choice was vast; from building your own guitar, to building a boat (and I’m talking ‘real’ not ‘model,’) from silversmithing to stagecraft, from engineering to electronics. I acquired so many skills, and those that I enjoyed the most I pursued in the ‘real’ world and had a great time. If I were to try to do the same today, it would cost a kings ransom and I suspect the standard of teaching would be nowhere near as good, hell employment in the same ‘fields’ would be all but impossible, plus many of ‘the good jobs’ no longer exist.

I worked on the London docks; from Surrey Docks to Tilbury, before container ships and ‘docklands’ as real-estate, when ships were three to a berth and companies competed with each other for your labour. I worked in film, TV, Advertising, Theater, so many happy memories. I did some building work, although I think I did more for myself on my own house than I did for others. I trained as an engineer and worked in heating, gas, ventilation, general engineering and maintenance. I worked in everything from aviation to holiday camps, motor mechanic to actor (well walk-on), artisan to tosher. But I was rarely bored, if I was I moved on and tried something else. Some might say “a life of indulgence,” but in those days, you were ‘allowed’ to enjoy life and not feel ‘crushed’ with guilt, (thanks to the Elite’s brainwashing.)

So, even though I’m old and skint, one thing I do know; I have so many great memories to ‘look back on’, and the all powerful Elite cant take them away, no matter how hard they try.


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