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Why do I hate America and Americans so, – that’s not quite right; it’s the ‘Elite’ of that nation I hate, – could it be that they have completely screwed up the world that I knew and loved. No, it’s not just that, it’s much, much more; I think it’s their combined arrogance and ignorance, (a very dangerous combination) that frightens me the most. In a political system designed to favour the rich and the corporations, the most powerful military force in the world is in the hands of the greedy vested interests without the safety valve of ‘true democracy’ to keep them in check. So they rampage through the world taking whatever they want, by force if a county fails to agree to their outrageous demands. Another scary fact is that anyone who is foolish enough to criticise their behaviour, or stand up to them in any way, either has a nasty accident, disappears, or has his life ruined by lies and smears from the American controlled media, (they control most of it; foreign as well as local.)

The world of my youth, England just after WWII, where things were run by people who had stood next to death and been horrified by it in that war. They wanted change for the betterment of all, not just a few, (the real meaning of democracy.) That feeling of the late 40’s was still quite strong through the 50’s and to some extent into the 60’s, but it’s now only remembered by a few old farts like me.

If all the energy devoted to manufacturing and marketing the corporate crap that nobody really wants or needs, but is thrust down the throats of the world populous anyway, was expended on improving the lives of the multitude, I’m sure the world would be a far better place for all of us to live in.

I know what you’re saying, that the ordinary people of America can’t be held responsible for the actions of the international corporations, but if they fought strongly enough to restore their political system to what was intended in their constitution, they could reign in the power and actions of their corporations, as most of the international one’s are of American origin. Or perhaps it’s all too late for any change now; when the drug companies and the medical profession can deny the people a cure for cancer because ‘they’ can’t make any money from it, (Dr. Max Gerson’s diet, known about since the 1940’s as a cure for many diseases including many cancers.) Where hundreds of thousands die in the third world because greedy drug cartels crushed small companies making ‘generic’ drugs. Where ‘cures’ are no longer pursued because they can make far more from ‘continuous treatment’ drugs.

Gerson’s diet is one of a great many things that would benefit mankind, but has been suppressed by the vested interests because they might lose money. Clothes that repel dirt, nylons that don’t ladder, vehicles and household products with much higher efficiencies than we are used to, (although they are beginning to emerge now that the oil is running out,) communication systems that are ‘free’ like those on the internet, (many large communication companies are fighting tooth and nail for control of the internet, and ultimately control of the ‘free’ systems.) I say ‘free’ in quotes because nothing is truly free anymore, we pay to be born, we pay to live, and we pay to die, whatever you do in your life some parasite will make money from it.

The time of ‘the simple pleasures of life,’ have all but disappeared from this mud ball of profit and greed, we are rapidly breeding ourselves into extinction and personally I look forwards to the death of a species that has no regard for its own kind, never mind the others that we share this planet with. I only hope that our demise comes before we screw-up the environment of this planet so badly that nothing else can live on it anymore. (This is not an exaggeration, some parts of the world are already so badly polluted that any life struggles to survive there.)

The slime 2 or 3% of this worlds population that already own 95% of its wealth, are not satisfied with obscene weekly incomes that would feed, house and clothe most of the worlds poor for a year, they still want more and will resort to ‘any’ method to get it, even mass murder. My contempt for these individuals knows no bounds, (I have tried to think of a word that describes them precisely, but even in the rich English language, I can’t find a word that conveys exactly how low they should be classified.) I’m sure they believe that they are somehow protected from the effects of the chaos that they create on a daily basis with their extraordinary greed, but all their money won’t save them from the extinction yet to come, and as it’s primary contributor, it would be nice if I lived long enough to see them get their just rewards.

The extinction will probably come in the form of a new disease; nature has already made a few attempts to rid itself of this infection called mankind, unfortunately we managed to control and confine it, but perhaps next time we won’t be so lucky. Because of the pollution all around us, in what we eat and drink, the air we breathe, practically everything we come in contact with, diseases like cancer, food poisoning, and various infections are rapidly on the increase, sooner or later one of them will mutate into something we can’t stop. A killer that spreads rapidly and is unaffected by any current drugs, there will probably be a few that have a natural immunity, and if any do survive, I hope they have the good sense to ditch the current system in favour of something more open-minded. Something with fairness built in, that favours all, not just a select few, but I guess that’s too much to hope for. A look back at our history confirms that we are selfish, greedy, arrogant, warlike, and worst of all; we never learn by our mistakes. Perhaps if we could go back far enough, to when we were cave dwellers, when we had to cooperate fully to survive, we might find a fairer system, but even then, some believe that we had chiefs and leaders, and so the whole system repeats.

In conclusion, I think it would be far better for this planet, if mankind completely died out and gave a different species a chance to develop a worthy society, one in step with its environment, not one out to destroy it.

The dinosaurs may have had very small brains, but they lasted far longer than we are likely to. Can we learn anything from this? Well we could, but it’s highly unlikely that we will. A species that never learns from its mistakes or from examples that are right under its nose deserves to die out, let’s hope it’s soon….


2 comments on “GREED

  1. walt walker
    April 5, 2014

    Well ranted, sir.


    • spikey1one
      April 6, 2014

      My first commenter, thank you, you just made all the effort worth while.


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