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They say that film reflects life, if that’s true, then there are some very viscous, selfish, obnoxious, youngsters coming up through the American education system. I am so glad that I’m an old man, for I won’t be around when the current crop of morons take the reins of running America. It’s a pretty nasty place now, judging by how its viewed by the rest of the world, but to make it worse than it is already is, terrifies me. The real terrorists in my book live in Washington and have limitless power to do wrong, a power they exercise on a daily basis. Bush and his bunch of bastards frightened the shit out of me with their ideas on ‘foreign policy’, but I thought all that would change when Obama got in. Unfortunately most of Bushes bastards are still there, pulling all the wrong strings and telling Obama what to do, (and the super rich 1% behind them giving orders,) so nothing has really changed.

The way that the religious fundamentalists of America involve themselves in just about everything, from education to politics, makes America far more dangerous to world freedom than any terrorist group anywhere in the world and some of the legal dictates being imposed by ‘the home of democracy’ on the rest of us, smack of ‘world domination.’ I for one have no wish to live under any dictatorship, no mater how benign it claim’s to be.

Most of the worlds terrorists were trained and armed by the C.I.A. Any world leader who doesn’t do what America wants, is wiped out, usually by a coup these days, funded by the C.I.A. (Although, I think they have bitten off more than they can chew with Putin.) They can’t openly assassinate them any more, the way they used to. Although the innocent ‘Small’ people are still murdered – look very carefully at reported suicides, especially hangings – abducted and tortured, all in the name of fighting terrorism. They even murdered thousands of their own people, on (9-11), see:-


Purely so the 1% could make a killing on the stock-market, and to allow them to start a war with Iraq. The only ‘winners’ in any war are the 1%, the rest of us just finish up paying for it in blood and pain as well as higher Taxes, (did you know that George W Bush’s Grandfather funded Hitler’s war,) the ‘greed’ of those selfish bastards knows no bounds.

There are some very nasty regimes around the world, but America, because of its total lack of responsibility or accountability, is probably one of the worst. If you think I’m just another nutter with an axe to grind, see also:-


If it looks like the powers that be have messed with her site again, see ‘Wikipeada’ for her details. Copies of her book should be still around to purchase, (Unless the bastards have brought them all and burned them.) If the above link does not work, copy: Naomi Klien into Google. I notice a large amount of ‘anti’ Klien stuff on Google now, the 1% must really hate her guts for exposing them for what they are.

Read her book: THE SHOCK DOCTRINE, that will really open your eyes and your mind to what’s been going on – and is still going on – in world politics, especially American politics.

People like Naomi Klein, the Engineers and Architects of ae911truth and a great many others who see through the lies, are portrayed as ‘conspiracy theorists’ or just plain ‘nutters’ in much of the media, but remember this; most of the media is owned and run by the self same 1% that we are trying to expose for their wrong doing. Before you dismiss people like us, ask yourself this; “who stands to lose the most in these arguments?”

We are all being controlled and manipulated by the 1% on a daily basis. Wake-up and see the ‘facts’ for what they are, before it’s too late for the majority 99% of us.


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