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The End of Mankind

These are just a small sample of the parasites and their obscene incomes.

These are just a small sample of the parasites and their obscene incomes.

By Spikey

One doesn’t have to be a clairvoyant to predict the end of mankind, and I don’t mean from just the usual causes like Global Warming. (Although the 1% are responsible for much of the Global Warming in stopping idea’s like the ‘Kyoto Agreement.’) And although Global Warming will eventually wipe us all out, its a very slow process – the effects we feel today are from pollution released some 20 years ago – I think there are much closer dangers. In my opinion the greedy 1% are a much bigger threat the the end of this ‘so called humanity,’ from a variety of ‘other’ causes. The following list is in no particular order of likelihood, just my preference.

1st by disease, many diseases that are curable have not been cured because the drug industry and the rich behind them, know there is no continuing profit from ‘cured’ patients. Any discovered ‘cures’ are heavily suppressed by the vested interests in the drug world, if you need ‘proof’, look up; Dr. Max Gerson’s diet, known about since the 1940’s as a cure for many diseases including many cancers. By ‘suppressed’ in this case, it meant killing, and destroying all his research. He survived the first poisoning attempt and rewrote all his notes in a book which he gave to a friend to publish, or we would know nothing about the case. They got him on the second attempt, but his cause is continued by his Daughter. How many others were ‘suppressed’ to the point of complete obliteration, we can only guess at.

Many of the ‘old’ diseases are now returning in mutated forms, and sooner or later one will return with deadly consequences. The greedy 1% have pushed the idea of ‘a spotless lifestyle’ to sell cleaning products and maximise profits, and in doing so, have reduced the last couple of generation’s natural immunity to disease. Therefore the only likely survivors will be the older generation with a good immune system, whether they will have the good sense to change the system for one that favours all instead of just a select few, remains to be seen, but I think its most unlikely, the ‘greed system’ is far too indoctrinated in us all. History is littered with examples of those who favoured a more ‘equal’ society, they are either ridiculed as ‘communists’ and/or ‘nutters’, or in cases where they have a large following, they are assassinated. High profile examples are; JFK, Princess Diana, John Lenon, and Martin Luther King, to name just a few, there are of course many more.

2nd by a kind of ‘civil war.’ The 1% are creating a two tier society with their insatiable greed and that is breeding a massive discontent that will eventually erupt into a war against them, and as they control the police and armies, the bloodshed on both sides will be considerable. Because I think many of the police and military in various part of the world will eventually side with the people, thus creating two powerful well armed factions, each trying to ‘wipe out’ the other. Thus we are likely to see a world war to end all world wars, by ending us all.

3rd by religious intolerance. It seems that the more power a religion has, the more intolerant it becomes. Plus, the admission of religion into politics, creates a very dangerous precedent, even in the West, (look at current state of America.) As to the Muslim religion, that step-back to the dark-ages is terrifying, some examples of the way that Shari law is used in Africa beggars belief. With the ‘dumbing down’ in education world wide – religion thrives among the ignorant – a religion like the Muslim one, could spread far enough to invoke a back-lash from a powerful religion in the West, and another ‘world war’ is in the making.

4th by natural disaster. Although I think that this is unlikely, there are a good many scenarios: From a hit by a large meteor, new one’s are discovered almost daily, so one on a collision course with Earth is a possibility. (The recent near-miss [closer than the moon] that they never even saw coming, [it came out of the sun.]) To a super volcanic-eruption creating a ‘nuclear winter’ of the type that wiped out most of the life on Earth in the past. There are a number of super-volcanoes in various parts of the world capable of such an event, many well past their ‘next likely eruption’ date, so it is a possible end.

5th by pollution. There are already parts of the world that are so badly polluted that very little survives there, thanks to greedy big oil and chemical companies where the bottom line is the only important factor. Other less known facts, like the steady reduction in honey-bee numbers world-wide due to diseases caused by pollution; Einstein said: “If the honey-bee goes, we will follow 4 years later.” (In reference to the fact that most of our food is pollinated by the honey-bee.)

Pollution may also contribute to number 1, (disease in us,) the amount of crap in the air we breath, water we drink and food we consume must have some cumulative effect on our system that is yet to be documented.

6th by that good old standby; nuclear war. So many countries now have, or are fast developing nuclear weapons, that such an ‘unthinkable’ scenario becomes a possibility that increases almost by the day. The current insanity in the Ukraine, where America – accustomed to bullying everyone – tried the same shit on Putin and Russia and got the ‘sand kicked in their own face’. The news that some state or other – usually pissed off with America – threatens to use such weapons is becoming a regular occurrence. Plus; new forms of ‘cold war’ are developing in ‘cyberspace.’ The recent hacks into Journalists computers and accounts, by the Chinese ‘Government’ hackers to try to locate ‘informers’ in China. Discovered by the USA and denied by China, (who claim to be hacked by America,) who also deny any wrongdoing, is fuelling a new ‘mistrust’ that could lead to a clash of ‘Titans’ that could also be the end of us all. (Current ‘Snowden’ disclosures on the massive Internet spying by the NSA, have added new fuel to the fire.)

Also many ideas, R&D and blueprints are being (stolen by foreign hackers) from large Western companies, including military ‘ideas’, so any advantages that the West thinks it has, could be just a dangerous delusion.

7th I add this as an after-though, biological weapons. Although the only two known studies into genetically modified viruses capable of destroying mankind – in American and Scandinavian – were heavily criticised; as far as I know, the research continues and must also take place in more secretive countries. This must attract the terrorist like flies to a turd, being as it is the ‘ideal weapon’ for one single man to do maximum damage. To survive, your side must have an effective ‘antidote’, unless your one of the many ‘religious nutters’ who want to destroy all mankind. Also remember that there are many completely disillusioned individuals who would love to commit suicide and take a very large number with them, review the press, with many gunmen taking out a number of innocents before killing themselves or being taken out by the police. Imagine what the ability to take thousands, even millions with you would do to that ‘current scenario.’


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