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It’s a great slogan, and I’m sure it struck a cord with a great many people, but a good percentage of that 99% are directly or indirectly employed by the super-rich 1%. As money is no problem for this 1%, they can afford to employ the best of the best, and these people are used to control, persuade, misdirect and generally use and misuse the rest of us. The above slogan has brought many people together around the world to march and protest; this in turn has spread the message of the wake-up call to the many of how they are being used and abused by the few for the benefit of the few. It is also supposed to send a message to the 1%, but I’m afraid the 1% isn’t listening. Their only interest in the 99% is how they can make more money from them. Therefore, I think, the rest of us should direct our energy to persuading that good percentage that are employed by the 1%, to our way of seeing things.

This is not going to be easy; most of this group receive quite a large pay-check for their efforts and although some may reason that they are not doing the rest of us any favours, they are used to a lifestyle and standard of living that most of us can only dream of. I think the answer is not to expect them to give up their lifestyle, but to persuade them to help us in any way they can, and they must do this covertly so as not to jeopardise their own positions. The destruction of the present system from within will stand a far better chance of success that attacking it from outside. ‘Anonymous’ have the right idea, its only money that interests the 1% and anything that costs them money or interrupts its flow will certainly get their attention.

The system that most of us live under these days is not just unfair, it’s falling apart. We live on a finite planet with finite resources, but those in power seem to think they can just keep on wasting those resources without limit. Manufacturing produces items designed to break soon after the warrantee has expired, (planed obsolesce,) enormous amounts of energy and resources are wasted on products that are dumped in landfill sites on a daily basis, (including packaging,) this ‘throw away society’ cannot be allowed to continue wasting our chances of survival. The enormous greed of that 1% at the top is what drives all this waste and it has to stop if we are to stand any chance of survival as a species.

Once upon a time we could produce things that were built to last, the ancient Romans built things that are still around today, and we have all seen some clunky old machinery that still works. With modern technology it should be possible to produce efficient, reliable items that last for many years, but what prevents us doing so is the ‘monetary system’ that suppresses and drives us all. No manufacturer will produce an item that lasts so long that it could put that same company out of business in a few years time. This obsession with ‘making money’ is what is destroying us all and needs to change if we want to survive.

There are a few men of vision around who can see an alterative to this greed driven society that most of us suffer under, see Jacque Fresco’s Venus Project:


But I think it will take many years of bloody struggle before we see any real progress towards an alternative system. It’s very difficult to get your head around the concept of a resource based economy, where money does not exist. We have all been so brain washed into believing that this is the only way to do things that we cannot see the alternatives for what they are. This blinkered view of life permeates society so thoroughly that many, from all walks of life, will be very reluctant to even consider change, but they must if they are to consider any future for their children and their grandchildren.

Perhaps the best way, is to see the current system as so completely buggered that it has to be replaced. This system suppresses anything it can’t make money from; this means anything that would benefit mankind in general, including important things like; cheap sustainable energy, a cure for cancer, producing enough food for everyone, and very efficient transport systems, to name just a few. The obsession, (particularly in America,) that oil is the only energy producer that matters, will probably end when it (oil) becomes so expensive that ‘alternatives’ have to be built.

Why does housing consume so much energy, it doesn’t have to; a few individuals are building self sustaining housing that needs no input of power, water or any form of utility and costs a fraction of a conventional build. But the system makes it very difficult if not impossible to do in some parts of the world, (planning and code requirements, plus bloody minded bureaucrats.) Again, if the rich can’t make money from it, they don’t want it.

See:- Earthships and earth bag building:


To free yourself from the ‘wage slave’ system, is a very attractive proposition, to no longer have to work to pay bills for things like water that falls from the sky, or generate your own electricity from the potential energy in a fast flowing stream, wind, tidal, wave or solar power, all of which are freely available. This need to consume great quantities of everything just to feel alive is so unnecessary and so against everything we should be remembered for. Future generations are going to wonder what the hell we were thinking, assuming that there are any future generations that survive. I think that when/if, enough of us ‘opt out’ of the current system, then ideas like the Venus Project will stand a chance of becoming a reality.

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