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First you need to look at the legislation being passed in your parliament, and especially in the American capital, against the NET. If they want to stop it, then they fear it, and this is where your power lays, where you can hit back. Sometimes it isn’t always obvious; the Americans passed a law recently making it an offense to embed someone else’s videos on your site. They used the ‘smoke screen’ of copyright, but what really bothers them is that it is far more difficult to remove a video or trace who’s watching it, if there are copies of it everywhere, therefore copy anything (including text) that says it better than you can, and spread it around. Look carefully at any legislation, it’s usually not too difficult to figure it out, if you look at who benefits, and why.

If you are organising any form of protest, beware of using phones or the NET to pass information about meetings or marches, both are well monitored. Therefor, devise your own codes (book code are good) and change them regularly, set occasional ‘test traps’ for different groups and even individuals you trust. When your group comes to the notice of the ‘man’, it will be infiltrated. When Maggie Thatcher set out to destroy the British Unions, M.I.6 (British KGB,) had the Miners leader’s right hand man as an informer. Don’t depend on encryption, what hasn’t been cracked, usually has been compromised at source. Remember, the guys you are going up against wrote the book, they will use any and every dirty trick to get what they want, so learn to think like them. Don’t use place names when arranging meets, use maps and change the letter/number reference to your own codes and keep changing them. Arrange marches and protests in the richer areas of town, that way, if there is trouble, the rich infrastructure get busted up, not the neighbourhoods that cant afford the repairs, it will also send a message; that this involves the rich too. (Remember than the ‘man’ will put trouble makers amoung your marchers to give the police the ‘excuse’ to break heads, he’s been doing it for years.)

Blogs and all social media are an excellent way of educating the millions of blissfully ignorant around the world to what is really happening all around them. If your blogs or pages are not well attended, go to sites that are and look for relevant comments to add yours to, that way, you can reach a bigger audience.

A word to hackers, don’t piss off international businesses, they are the shits that control the politicians that make the laws against the NET, so it will backfire. A much more effective method is to find out who’s behind them and publish the info for use by others, see the animal rights group in the paragraph below:

I’d like to believe that there are enough level headed, free thinking people left in the world to change things for the better. I have seen thousands prepared to march in appalling weather for what they believe. Do you think they have made a difference? Of course they haven’t, the people with the real power don’t give a toss about marchers, letter writers, speech makers, or even the direct action brigade, because most of it has absolutely no effect on them. If you want to have an effect, take a leaf out of the animal rights protesters book, you should do what they do and study your enemy. Get their names from companies’ house (or your countries equivalent,) details of their business, get pictures of them, phone numbers, home addresses, what cars they drive, where they go to eat, what they do with their leisure time, find out all you can about them and publish it on the WEB for others to see. When some fat cat is getting verbal and physical abuse wherever he goes and banner waving crowds outside his home or business. When his business suffers from sabotage and boycotted sales, it just might make him change his ways. Money is the language that all fat cats understand and when they start to lose it, then they take notice! If enough of the greedy selfish slime get enough abuse and lose enough money, then you can make a real difference.

Be aware, that this knowledge and feeling of being screwed is spreading daily, your oppressors don’t have enough bullets to shoot you all, (except maybe in America with its billions of ‘hollow point ammo.) or enough jails to lock us all up. Don’t sit back and tell yourself that it doesn’t effect you, we are all in this one, whether we like it or not, so try to do something, even if it’s just spreading these words, or translating them into other languages.

In this day and age, being paranoid is a good survival technique.


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