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The Strange World


The world as I once knew it, has changed beyond anything that I thought could be possible. In my youth, I saw great possibilities, particularly in science. Now science is manipulated by the ‘super rich’ to make them richer. Where science was once free and for the betterment of mankind, it’s now all about patents, ownership and profit. The same is true in so many other fields that once professed to enrich man, but now are only interested in enriching themselves and their shareholders.

Medicine, Education, Travel, Food, Media, Politics, Finance, even the ‘so called’ charities. Lets take then one at a time for a closed look.

1/ Medicine: The manufacture of medicine, medical equipment, even the training of medical staff (see Education,) is all about profit. Many drugs are now so expensive that millions in the 3rd World are dying from treatable diseases. Small Companies that once produced ‘generic’ drugs have been pursued and persecuted by the big multinationals until they ceased production. Drugs that ‘cure’ are no longer researched, they can make far more profit from drugs to treat ‘long term’ diseases, even if these diseases eventually kill (Aids, Cancer, etc.) Many of the ‘older’ drugs for the treatment of various viruses are less effective because these viruses are becoming ‘drug resistant’ therefore a true ‘epidemic’ is a distinct possibility for the future.

2/ Education: The days of a Country seeing the education of it’s people as a ‘good investment’ are long gone, now schools and universities are treated as businesses. Students are expected to pay for their education and much to the chagrin of business leaders, that same education is being steadily ‘dumbed down’, to the point where a state education has become a joke to all but the poor student and the heavily burdened teacher. (Some argue that Businesses no longer needs as many employees, because much of their production is now overseas, but who will they sell their products to, if most of a population are unemployed. They sure as shit ain’t gonna give it away!)

On higher education; the cost of a degree has spiraled to an unattainable level, leaving the poor sap who believed all the ‘hype’ with a debt that will take a lifetime to repay, while it’s effectiveness at securing a decent job has plummeted. Another useless piece of paper in a paper driven world.

3/ Travel: Once the prerogative of the rich, but then the claims of cheap travel for all, have become a massively polluting, highly profitable, ‘pack them in’ like cattle and treat them as such, business. The ‘dream’ of luxury travel is again, only for those that can afford it. But then, promises to the ordinary people have always been like politicians promises, just so much ‘bullshit’.

4/ Food: Millions starve while food rots in global company warehouses, just so those same companies can keep the price ‘inflated’ and their profits high. Philanthropy is a meaningless word to today’s CEO’s, shareholders and the super rich who ‘own’ the companies.

Even the simple farmer is exploited to such a degree, that many have quit or are considering doing so. (In India it is so bad that farmers are committing suicide at a rate of two per hour.) Much of today’s ‘food’ is produced in chemical vats as tasteless, odourless crap that needs the addition of more chemicals to make it palatable. The companies that produce this crap, could ‘care less’ that these chemicals may have long-term effects on the poor saps who eat it, (mainly kids.) (I have just discovered that something like ‘margarine’ was initially made as a cattle food, but it killed so many cattle that the company had to find another use for it. So they added colouring and flavouring, then sold it to us trusting idiots.)

5/ Media: From the original invention of the printing press, to the advent of radio and TV, many saw them as a means of education and the dissemination of knowledge. Even some of the large organisations like the BBC, had an original ‘charter’ that never included ‘entertainment’ as a part of it’s mandate. But the rich see knowledge as ‘power’, so to keep the ‘masses’ docile, they need to be kept entertained, hence all the ‘pap’ and ‘crap’ in all the media (plus the ‘dumbing-down’ in education, they don’t want the people thinking.) “Tell them only what you want them to know,” has been the ‘word’ from on high for years, but the internet changed all that and gave the ‘masses’ a voice and the freedom to use it. The controlling elite do not like any loss of that control, or any ‘freedoms’ among the populous, so they want to gain control of the people by controlling the NET.

Whether they use ‘terrorism’, ‘pornography’, ‘paedophilia’, or a combination of all 3 to gain that control is immaterial, its happening little by little right now; anonymity is disappearing, freedom of speech, what you can view, where you can go, all are being steadily restricted until the freedoms you once had will all be just a pleasant memory. And I’m not talking about repressive régime’s, they don’t have the ‘clout’ of the West. America and its poodle the UK are where the real dangers lie, much of the legislation coming out in Britain and Europe, is being orchestrated in the USA by those rich selfish bastards who own and run everything. (Recent exposures by whistle blowers like ‘Snowden’ have revealed the extent of America’s current control of the NET. Some of the extreme abuses by the NSA are mind boggling.)

6/ Politics: The day when a politician represented the people who voted him/her into power, disappeared long ago, even much of the ‘voting’ has become a sham, as to the power, they just do as they are told by their rich puppet masters. Nowhere is this more obvious than in America where open lobbying and the exchange of cash for Senate bills passed or blocked, and which big business is the sole beneficiary. This practice is becoming more common in other ‘so called’ democracies around the world, much to the despair of the effected populations.

Addendum:  As an example of such manipulation, take the British elections of 2015: Early in the campaign, UKIP was said to be well in the lead and predicted to win and push Labour into second place, with the hated Conservatives coming in last, with many predicted to lose their deposits. And what transpires in the election, but a complete reversal, it seems pretty obvious to me that the peoples vote in the UK has very little meaning anymore.

7/ Finance: Most Central Banks, in almost all countries, are printing money as if its going out of fashion, and perhaps it is. For when ‘Joe public’ see’s through the paper money con, it may become even more ‘worthless’ than it already is. I don’t have too much proof of this, but I believe the super rich are amassing gold on a huge scale. I do know that Banks, even the large Central one’s have been quietly selling off their gold reserves for years, and someone must be buying it all. Perhaps the more ‘clued up’ of the other classes who no longer see the Banks as ‘safe’, the state thievery in Cyprus must have ‘rattled’ quite a few ‘cages’ and ‘Bank Accounts’. India and China are buying gold in increasing quantities, that should tell you something.

8/ Charities: Most charities are run as a business, often set-up by big business as a way of Tax avoidance. They ’employ’ unpaid volunteers who believe they are ‘doing good’ for the poor that the charity is supposed to help. Many also use (in Britain) ‘work experience’ and other schemes (or should that be scams,) where the unemployed are forced to work for nothing if they wish to retain their unemployment pay. (Either way, Working for nothing was once called slavery, but I dare say if the super rich get their way, that’s exactly what we will all become!)

I now believe that the whole system is on its last legs and will collapse into total chaos in the very near future. The ‘super rich’ and their puppets who run ‘the system’ are now so corrupt, – their individual greed has removed any ‘checks and balances’ that might have saved the system, – that the large cracks can no longer be papered over and everything points to strong signs of imminent failure. The American ‘super rich’ and the international corporations that they own are driving a world wide slide into oblivion for us all, including themselves, but their insatiable greed and arrogance prevents them from seeing the problems they are causing, even though the rest of us can see them clearly and live with them daily.

If you are looking to me for an answer, there are many much sharper minds that mine considering these problems. (But, be wary of believing anything by Government spokespersons or anyone connected to Government, large corporations, or those with ‘vested interests’. Research them before you trust their word.) I am only passing on this knowledge in the hope that ‘if you see it coming, you might just be able to avoid some of the crap,’ and possibly survive.


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