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One angry old man against the world



By Spikey

(I wrote this some time ago, but much of it is still relevant.)

First we need to, ask the question, ‘what is a terrorist?’ Most politicians and police spokesmen would say that he (she?) is a “religious Muslim fundamentalist, connected in some way to Al Qaeda (which was a C.I.A. computer program.)” But the creation of terror amongst the general public is also achieved by serial killers, lone gunmen (knife men, or bombers) with a grudge against an employer, some section of society, or a type of industry. There are many non-Muslim nutters in many countries who just need the right trigger to set them off on a killing or maiming spree, without any help from Al Qaeda:

Jack the ripper, son of Sam, etc, all have created as much, if not more terror in their time as any modern terrorist cell and all are a product of their own society. I just heard on the TV news, that the killing of the Brazilian lad by the police because he didn’t stop when they told him to, has caused a drop of fifty per cent in tourism. I bet you didn’t consider that one when you gave the wooden tops the shoot to kill order Mr Jack Straw. It should have been obvious that they would use their new toys at the first opportunity, but holding down a man while you put fourteen bullets in his head is a bit OTT even for the MET. It now seems, according to leaks, that the man was not wearing a thick coat, did not run from police and did not jump the ticket barrier, perhaps he insulted one of the powerful 1%.

Ideas also create terror; race, creed, colour, religion, all these have been used in the past and are still being use in most parts of the world by the greedy, the ambitious, and the vindictive to achieve their own selfish ends. Note I say most, this is not an error on my part, go into any meeting place anywhere in the world, be it Pub, bar, café, etc., and listen to the conversations. It will not be long before you will hear some bigot voicing some prejudice or other. The ordinary man in the street has always known that this undertow of prejudice exists everywhere, we all carry some forms of prejudice. Why is it never mentioned by the ruling classes? Politicians and police chiefs have never been renown for listening to the people, why should they, they usually have their own agendas to worry about. Whether it’s the next election or tight budgets, they know they don’t get what they want by rocking their boat. Plus the high and mighty have always used the undertow of prejudices for their own ends by manipulating the media in line with their own agenda’s.

Bigots with strong prejudices are not confined to the general populous; they often turn up among the ruling classes too. When they do, if they are allowed to climb to high office, then that society has real problems. Think of Hitler, Mugabe, Milošević, to name just a few.

Luckily, these ‘big bigots’ are few and far between, but the small bigots can be dangerous too. The very small bigots can often terrorise a local neighbourhood, thanks to the ‘do good brigade’; children are now immune from any form prosecution for their actions. They know this, and can bring their own form of terror to the local resident’s. Should anyone attempt to remonstrate with these little thugs, the full force of the law is brought to bear on the victim of these tiny terrorists. This kind of terrorism, over a long period, can be more psychologically damaging than surviving a bomb blast.

Placing all available police resources in the pursuance of bombers while ignoring the requirements of local policing, does little for public relations and may even create the climate for more ‘problems.’ I’ve just heard on the news that a soldier has just been arrested under section 16 of the terrorism act for ’having materials that could be used for terrorism.’ Nice government ‘catch all,’ perhaps he owns a rucksack and a hooded top, or a sharp knife in his kitchen drawer! (I wonder what rich bastard he offended?)

I have listened to a great many so called ‘experts’ prattling on about what to do about the situation, seems to me that most of the ‘cures’ are far worst than the ‘disease’. The only one to make any sense to me was a man who suggested ending all religious schools, that includes catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Christian as well as the madrasas.

The British government’s answer is the most frightening of all; ID cards. The police state, big brother (1984), the end of democracy, call it what you will, if this abomination is introduced, then in my humble opinion, the terrorist has won, at least in Britain he has. Boy. Am I glad I don’t live in that shit-hole of a country any more. But the thing I fear most is that if Blair and his bastards get their way, other political leaders may see the ‘advantages’ of complete control of the populous via terrorism legislation and follow suit. It’s a sick sad world that we have to look forward to, and it seems to me that it will just get worse. (Well it certainly has.)

(A thought occurs to me; did the politicians create the terrorism problem on purpose, it certainly gave them all the ammunition they need to pass any laws they see fit, to control “the problem”.)

The control in America by religious fundamentalists is even more frightening. Most schools are not allowed to teach any form of science that does not agree with the bible thumping bigots idea of creation. Just imagine the trouble that this shit is storing up in the coming generation. If you think George W Bush was a moron, wait till the current crop of cretins mature. Another damn good reason to not be around when the shit does hit the fan.

America frightens me far more than anywhere else in the world does, all that power in the hands of so many idiots. They have at their disposal; enough nuclear weapons to wipe the world clean of most life, hundreds of times over. (I believe cockroaches, scorpions and some deep-sea species may survive.) I’ve just watched a man named Bill Maher on Larry King Live, discussing what’s wrong with America – and he should know, being an American – saying the very same thing with far more clarity than me.

My old grandmother – towards the end of her life – used to talk of longing for death because her time had passed and she didn’t like what the world had become. I was only a kid, so I didn’t understand her words, but I understand them now and look forward to my own demise. Not for the same reasons – she missed the early 1900’s – I miss the 1960’s and the freedoms that went with that delightful time. Free love, tolerance, generosity, but most of all free speech, we discussed everything with the passion of youth, long into the night. I miss those nights, I’m now incapable of late nights, but even if I weren’t, most of those old friends are ether devoid of the passion or devoid of life.

We live in a world of greedy selfishness created by Thatcher, to which Bush and Blair added vindictive self-righteousness and the Muslim fundamentalists threw religious intolerance into the mix, (not that the American fundamentalists are exactly tolerant). A bigger recipe for world disaster I have yet to see.

Terrorism? It amazes me that we are still here. As more countries with unstable leaders acquire Nuclear weapons – America has now joined the growing band of countries willing to sell Nuclear know-how and material to the highest bidder – it’s just a matter of time before some idiot starts world war three. I think that unless those in power find themselves a very large dose of ‘common sense’, we won’t be here much longer. To be honest, I think Mother Nature, the planet, and this part of the galaxy will be better off without this virus called ‘mankind.’ I for one, won’t miss any of them, the saying ‘you reap what you sow’ springs to mind. Another reason to look forward to death.

A few years back, I watched a ‘futurologist’ on TV talking about this very subject. According to him, we had between eighteen months to two years before some moron pressed the button and vaporised us all.

Well he was wrong, we’re still here, but North Korea and Iran are both building ‘A’ bombs currently, (and China, who knows?) I guess it’s just a matter of time and intolerance.

Although America seems to be leading the world in ‘intolerance’. (Ukraine 01-04-14.)


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