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I really don’t like what the ‘world’ has become, truth, honour and accountability, seem to have been replaced with lies, bullshit and buck passing. The people that run things have absolutely no interest in solving any of the problems that they inflict on us poor buggers; we that suffer from the effects of their insatiable greed. While they can make money from the wars, poverty and suffering that they create, they have no incentive for any form of ‘change.’ In fact, it would take a major change in society itself, to remove such a ‘horrific’ incentive. The replacement of the ‘monetary system’ that leads to this kind of injustice, with something far more (I’ll say ‘democratic’ for want of a better word,) is unlikely to happen while those in charge remain there.

The end of the terrorist term, – for these ‘super rich’ despots are the real terrorist in the world, – can only come with their forced removal, (they are not going to give up without a fight,) so I think that some form of ‘bloody’ uprising is on the cards. As they control the politicians and Governments around the world, it goes without saying that they also control the media and the military. The media is probably even more important than the military initially, because of all the disinformation they are able to disseminate. Currently the only source of any form of ‘truth’ is the NET, which is why we must all fight tooth and nail to keep their corrupt fingers off it. This will not be an easy task, the American despots have already planted many of the seeds of reason for their take-over in the gullible minds of Americans and their Government ‘puppets.’

The Americans, Israeli’s and British, to name just three, employ a ‘carrot and stick’ approach in the initial stages of ‘indoctrination,’ by use of their media and their secret military, (C.I.A., Mossad, M.I.5., etc.,) don’t be fooled if you cant find a connection to your countries secret military, most of them collaborate and are for hire to countries without the necessary know-how. Examine the American media for good examples of how it all works, any story that the despots can’t use to their advantage, won’t even appear and those that do will be changed beyond all recognition, (compare them with ‘Al Jazeera’ or ‘Russian TV,’) the one’s that get lots of air time are the ones of greatest use, if you can’t see any obvious immediate advantage for them, you can bet there will be later. Any dissenting individuals or small media will be rapidly silenced by bribe, threat, or action. The ‘action’ is where the secret military come in; usually it’s in the form of an ‘accident,’ unless they want to ‘send a message,’ then it’s very obviously ‘a hit.’ Forewarned is forearmed, and any ‘bit’ of info you can put out on the NET for others, no matter how small, will add to the overall ‘picture’ of the ‘real world.’

More and more ‘exposé’s’ are appearing on the NET, I watched this video a while ago on YouTube by a guy who did lots of ‘contracts’ for various ‘Government’ secret sites across the world.

SEE:- http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/suppressed-technology/black-ops-posthumous-interview-released-by-disclosure-project.html

(Unfortunately, the powers that be have closed this ‘video’ with bullshit about ‘copyright’, another classic example of what I said in another Blog; I didn’t take my own advice to download and store it on my own drive. The guy left this as a kind of self memorial, what the Elite and their thugs have done is nothing more than ‘desecration’. -Spikey)

He didn’t want this video shown until after his death, because ‘black opps’ had already murdered a number of his friends for threatening to do what he was doing posthumously. He talks about a ‘power group’ above and beyond Government that has access to every tit-bit of information, which expends obscene amounts of money on ‘projects’ to control and manipulate mankind on a global scale. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, more ‘conspiracy theories,’ but I pride myself on being a very good judge of character, and this guy was very plausible. Knowing that the ‘super rich’ families of America are capable of murdering thousands of their own people just to make a ‘killing’ on the stock market and grab the oil in Iraq, (9/11,) makes his story all the more believable. Watch it for an insight into what’s really going on behind the scenes and although he does not name names, (it could have been edited,) it’s still very informative. He describes 4 main factions of power rooted within the US & Russia, that usually work together – but when they’re at cross purposes – ‘watch out ‘, because each faction wants to win the game of controlling the world, absolutely.

Frightening stuff, especially with the Ukraine madness. – Spikey.

See also: (Scan down to ‘Is Putin being lured into a trap?) Click link below.


This is why America wants a war with Russia. -Spikey.


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