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One angry old man against the world


Every time - Julian Assange

Why do most American films have to give away the plot in the first few minutes, I can’t believe that all Americans are so thick that they have to be spoon fed like that! If they don’t give you flashes of the whole plot at the start, they make the characters fit a kind of stereotype, i.e.; you know the real bitch or bastard is going to get their comeuppance before the film is finished and the bigger the bastard they are, the worst the consequences. The nice characters pairings are going to live happily ever after and the hero is going to save the day! What a load of bollocks, life ain’t like that! The bastards of this world usually get rich and famous, (some become politicians or dictators), married people get divorced, (or try to kill each other), and people who try to be hero’s wind up hurt, dead, or in the nut house!
I suppose there must be idiots who believe all the bullshit they are fed by the media, but I certainly ain’t one of them! After all, who runs the media, but the dictators, politicians and big business moguls who need all that control for their own ends. Most of the time, those ends are a mystery to the likes of people such as me, but occasionally the ‘controllers’ ain’t quite as clever as they think they are, and the reason slips out! Sometimes, the reasons are very obvious, especially when some slimy git stands to gain a large sum of money (via property, shares, land, etc.) Then if one paper, radio or TV station publishes, they all follow suit, after all, they can’t have plebs like me thinking that free speech is dead, even those in power don’t want to be that obvious! They want to control the people not inflame them, so a few crumbs off their table now and again, – promises of jam tomorrow – have always worked, until now that is! People are becoming jaded, too many broken promises, too many lies discovered, the people don’t trust their ‘masters’ any more! A phrase from ‘MAX HEADROOM’ springs to mind; Q: “How do you tell if a politician is lying? A: His lips move!”
How I miss the old days, when if a politician or some fat cat got caught with his fingers in the till, he resigned! Not today, the bastards never admit to anything and usually blame some innocent underling. I blame Maggie Thatcher (The Destroyer,) that bitch started the ‘selfish, greed driven, screw em’ all society!’ Sure a lot more people have got very rich, but most of those were rich already, they just got richer at the expense of the majority of others who have become very poor in the process. The world may be a better place for a few, but for most of us, it’s much, much worse!
Are things going to change? I don’t think so, those that have got rich, are the same one’s who run the show, and they are not going to do anything to rock their diamond encrusted boat!
Bitter? You bet your arse I’m bitter, I worked hard all my life and what do I have to show for it, a bad back, poor heath and a state pension to live on. (Which depletes weekly because of the falling exchange rate!) The fat cats who set the level of the state pension should try living on it, that would slim them down a bit!
We as a species have come a long way, particularly in science and engineering, it’s a pity we haven’t developed socially, hell we don’t even have a common language yet! Now I’m old, I don’t really care what happens to mankind, when I was young, I used to think the future held such promise, that science and technology would solve all our problems, now I think they are just used as another method to fleece and suppress the poor. Its all just a crock of shit and good riddance to the whole corrupt system! The arse-holes that run this greedy society will reap what they sow, I just hope it’s sooner rather than later, as I’d like to be around to see them get theirs!

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