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Atheists seem to be the only branch of mankind with enough intelligence not to commit mass murder, be it in a war, a group, or a single act of protest. I cant remember where I obtained the following text, so I cant post the name of the author, although I would like to say that I think he has it ‘spot on’, with the exception of 9/11 (that was just the Elite making money.)

The Atheist has been much maligned lately, but anyone with a good dose of intelligence can see that practically all religions are a ‘con’. It only takes a basic knowledge of science to see the holes in most religious arguments, the ‘creationist’ crap, the ‘fundamentalist’ intolerance, the ‘Muslim’ madness, the ‘Jewish’ world rule, and all the ‘various sect’s’ give us your money cant, and all the other ‘scams’ committed in the name of some ‘GOD’ or other.

Even Governments jump on the ‘GOD’ bandwagon, with their destructive wars and the ‘Gods on our side’ crap, when anyone who can read will soon discover that’s it’s all about making money for the Banksters and their Elite owners. The Elite has used ‘GOD’ for years to keep the poor in their place, they don’t call religion “the opiate of the poor” for nothing. Anyway I publish this for the benefit of the few ‘free thinking’ individuals left on this ‘mud ball’ of corruption and greed, do with it as you will. -Spikey.


As 14 year-old Malala Yousafzai sat on a bus in the grounds of her school in Pakistan’s Swat Valley, a gunman shot her in the head. After proudly claiming responsibility, the Taliban told the world that the teenage education activist’s work represented “a new chapter of obscenity, and we have to finish this chapter”. The “obscenity” was the education of girls.
The Taliban felt no shame. They know that what they have done is right because their god tells them so. Gods have been used to justify almost any cruelty, from burning heretics and stoning adulterers to crucifying Jesus himself.

On the other side of the world, Anders Behring Breivik slaughtered 77 Norwegians. Breivik seems to have seen his murderous spree as a way of getting rid of Muslims, yet his 1,500-page manifesto revealed, at best, a weak attachment to religious belief. To Breivik, Christianity seems important mainly because he sees it as white. Breivik, like the devoutly religious Taliban, also appears to feel no shame.

The men who flew planes into buildings on 9/11, the Pakistanis who went on a murderous rampage in Mumbai and the Bali bombers, all killed as many people as they could in the name of their religion. Breivik did it in the name of his race. Timothy McVeigh, who killed 168 people and wounded 800, hated the government. All saw their mass murder as a political act of protest and all felt justified.

Atheists like Mao or Pol Pot have murdered millions in the name of political totalitarianism. Hitler used a quasi-mystical racist philosophy to exploit the ancient hatred of the Jews by Christians. I heard somewhere (I’ve never been able to discover where) that terrorism occurs when you combine a sense of military and economic inferiority with a sense of moral superiority. Religion is very good at conferring a sense of moral superiority on its followers.

Indeed, while the religious have murdered throughout history in the name of their god, I’ve been unable to find any evidence of atheists killing anyone in the name of atheism. Atheists are no more or less capable of evil than anyone else, but it seems that murder, particularly mass murder and war, is a sin of commission. In other words, human beings are generally only prepared to fight and kill in the name of something. It can be a god, but it can also be a political philosophy – like nazism or communism. Many fight for patriotism: for country, tribe or race. Some kill because they’re psychologically disturbed, but none – so far – in the name of atheism.

So, while I don’t agree that only religion causes conflict, I’d argue that all mass murder and war are fought in the name of a bigger-than-self philosophy or idea. Atheism, simply lack of belief in a god, has not yet proved compelling enough to motivate murder. So far no one has gone into a crowded public space and blown themselves up while shouting, “No god is great!”.

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