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One angry old man against the world



The World I once knew has long since disappeared. Common decency, respect, generosity, kindness and compassion, all gone. To be replaced by what; greed, arrogance, selfishness, and a general ‘I’ll screw you before you can screw me’ attitude everywhere you look. It’s like a stagnant pond, where those at the top of the food chain have dammed off the only source of fresh water; (freedom of speech/thought/action) and the stink of corruption, greed and vested interest is in everyone’s nostrils. Even scientific development and innovation – the engine that once drove the worlds economies- has been slowed by bureaucratic ‘bullshit’ to the point where it makes little difference to the suppressed, controlled, manipulated mess that is the current world economy.

The dogs of war are straining at the leash and idiots like the Elite’s puppet Obama is doing everything he can to release them. But Obama and those behind him have missed a very important point in their rush to make their next fortune; a war with Russia is not the same as the little skirmishes that have made them lots of money in the past. Poking the Russian bear with a stick and blackmailing Europe to ‘reluctantly’ do the same, may wake the much larger dragon sleeping behind him, and World War III will be much more all encompassing and deadly than anything that went before. This time, there will be no safe shelter for the Elite to hide in while they send the ‘brainwashed’ cannon fodder to the front. This will be one war that for all their wealth, they wont buy their way out of, there is no hole deep enough for them to hide in from this one.

Even if America and the idiots that run it, actually do come to their ‘senses’ and ‘back off’ from this insanity, we are all (including the Elite) still totally screwed. The money printing and bubble inflating that has passed for world ‘Economics’ since 2008, has cured nothing, in fact it has made things much, much worse. The corruption in the Banking system that caused the 2008 collapse in the first place, has not ‘gone away’, it is bigger and more destructive than ever. Hiding the facts behind ‘massive’ propaganda and downright lies spread by a corrupted media, does not change those facts in the slightest and the shit will hit the fan very soon. It’s very difficult to predict when the whole shitty edifice will come crashing down, or what will ‘set off’ the collapse, but it will happen.

The fiat currencies that all central Banks are so busy printing in ever increasing numbers, that are benefiting the rich at the expense of the poor, will be no use to anyone (rich or poor) come the collapse. The useless bits of paper have no intrinsic value and are backed by nothing, as soon as the populous realize that the whole thing is just one big ponzi scheme, the ‘jig will be up.’ Yet the stupidity of the West, in forcing down the ‘real money’ (PM’s) value, just to keep their big casino (the stock market) going, is insane. The East is buying as much gold and silver as they dare (not to force the price up) and China is already talking of making their own currency into the next ‘reserve’ currency (backed by gold of course), while more and more countries are trading with each other without using the American dollar, (not just the BRICS). When the dollar does collapse, that will be the end of America, and IMHO will be no bad thing for the rest of the world. And we may yet have a chance of ‘cleaning this smelly cesspool’ called society.


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