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Have you noticed how large Corporations seem to treat their customers with complete contempt these days. They rarely, if ever, respond to e-mails, trying to phone them is like negotiating a very complex maze, and their complaints dept. seems perpetually busy. Well you can now add a new delight; Corporate raiding now has a new meaning, if they have your Bank account details, they now treat it as their own personal ‘piggy Bank’, and raid it whenever they please.

I made the ‘mistake’ of giving a large corporation my Debit card details, now they raid it whenever they like. It seems they have found a ‘loophole’ in the Debit/Credit Card system; once they have the CCN (the number next to your signature), they can bypass the Banks security. Provided they debit your account with less than the agreed amount each time, they can keep taking funds, even though just two of the debits actually exceed the agreed amount. At the moment in my case, its between 10 and 20 Euro’s a time, but at the rate they are going, (two debits were just 3 seconds apart,) my account will be empty very soon. The latest two amounts were simultaneous, but just under the agreed amount. Complaining via E-mail has no effect whatsoever, I’m just given the ‘run around’, and the Bank say they can’t ‘block’ a company from this practice (why ever not?) Seems it’s my fault for giving them that 3 number ‘secret’ code. The only way to stop them, seems to be to cancel my Card.

I, like most these days, use my Card to purchase on the Net regularly, which means, I will have to ‘register’ a new Card with lots of suppliers. Perhaps this is why large Companies think they can get away with it.

If, during an ‘on line’ purchase, you are asked for the ‘secret code’ (the 3 figure number next to your signature,) cancel the order and go elsewhere. Don’t let large Companies get away with robbing your account.

If everyone who falls victim to this practice reports it here or elsewhere, a ‘black list’ of the ‘rogue traders’ could be drawn up and we would all know who to avoid and who we can trust.

A word to the people who work for these rogue organizations: Why do you allow such practices to persist? Don’t you realise that once such knowledge becomes ‘common place’, you could find yourself ‘unemployed’ when your Company goes ‘bust.’ With the NET and social media, ‘bad news’ travels fast, so don’t assume that your Company is ‘too big to fail’, or it could be that it’s already failing and its directors and owners are ‘filling their pockets’ while they can.

The Credit and Debit Card relies on trust, take that away, and the whole system falls apart. To the rest of the Companies out there; if you wish to remain in this business, I suggest you help to ‘expose’ these ‘rogue traders’, or we might all see the demise of a very successful means of trade, and all because of a few ‘greedy’ Companies.

To anyone reading this, don’t assume that because you haven’t been scammed in this way, you won’t be affected. This endangers the whole Credit/Debit Card system, so it affects everyone. I therefor request that you pass this message on as a warning to others, use the social media, tell your friends, spread the word, as it seems that this is the only way we can fight such Corporate greed.

Our ‘slave masters’, the Elite, have always used us ‘sheep’ to make themselves rich. Even the Roman Emperors knew the formula of ‘bread and Circuses’ to keep the masses under control, but I think the current crop of excessively greedy masters have pushed their diamond encrusted boat out too far, and that will be their downfall. Food ‘bread’ prices are rising as fast as the ‘money printing’ devalues the currency, and the football and soaps ‘Circuses’, are not quite the ‘distractive’ and ‘destructive’ force they once were. The ‘sheep’ are beginning to raise their heads and ‘look around’, what they ‘see’ is heavily armed ‘militarized’ police, enormous corruption throughout the political ‘control structure’, and a very, very bleak future, (if any) for themselves.

But people have one trait not found in sheep; a very strong survival instinct. Push them far enough and they will fight back. The American Elite are the only one’s who are well prepared for the coming ‘anarchy’, and there, it will be a blood-bath. The rest of the world’s ‘sheep’ have a better chance of survival and small skirmishes are breaking out everywhere, the ‘American Elite’ are doing their ‘worst’ to put down such ‘rebellious’ outbreaks, but eventually they will lose. It’s all about numbers, the real Elite make up a small fraction of 1%, they know they are outnumbered by Millions to one and they will need all of their ‘blood money’ to buy the massive protection they will need to survive the imminent ‘civil wars’ to come.



        I have finally sorted this problem and have had all the excess funds returned, but it took almost a month and they completely emptied my account. This is not good enough, and if the banks want our trust, they need to change their system so this cannot happen again. There should be no way that any company – large or small – can bypass a banks security and inflict this kind of corporate greed on any individual. Banks large and small have been tared with a large brush as ‘greedy’, ‘uncaring’, and ‘vindictive’, if you want to undo all the bad press, you need to change your ways radically and very soon. -Spikey


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