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Noise of the Machine

Noisy The modern labour saving machine is a great idea, but does it have to be so bloody noisy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no ‘Luddite’ longing for the simpler past, it just seems to me that modern technology could make things quieter. Would it add so much to the end cost to build a unit with a better silencer, reduce the vibration, give finer balance on fast moving parts, more flexible mountings, and therefor a general improvement in efficiency.

I live in a medium sized village, that I moved to in retirement for some peace and quiet, but when I take the dog out for a walk each morning, my ears are assailed by the scream of strimmers, leaf blowers, mowers, and the continual thunder of traffic on the motorway half a mile away. Any of you still under the mistaken belief that villages are peaceful places, should stop your car in one, get out and go for a walk, if you are lucky enough to find that paradise, please let me know.

At home I build my own computers, so I’m lucky not to be stuck with the noisy fans and drives supplied with ready-built systems, also I don’t need the whine of ‘high-end’ GPU video card because I’m not ‘into’ gaming. But I can recommend most ‘Seagate’ hard drives, and ‘Arctic’ F12 series fans as the quietest I have found (they also make quiet CPU coolers. This may be of use to others who desire a peaceful environment to work in.) Our clothes dryer is so noisy that its been relegated to the patio outside, the washing machine has to stay in the kitchen for the plumbing, but I close the kitchen door when its working, and why does it have to bleep loudly 8 times to let us know it’s finished, we know it’s finished when the noise stops, (why are the Db ratings not displayed on white goods as prominently as its power or water consumption?) Talking of bleeping, why does our microwave need to bleep 4 times at finish when it ceases to make a noise twice as loud as the bleeps, then bleeps once every minute until I open the door, Why? It’s very annoying when your trying to cook and prepare a meal, I know the thing has finished, it’s stopped making that ghastly row and I know there is something in it, I put it there. The noisiest thing in our kitchen is a chopper/grinder that I never use, I find a knife or grater much easier on the ears, unfortunately, she loves to use it, so I make myself scarce as soon as she does. Another thing she loves to use is our vacuum cleaner, it’s one of those ‘vortex’ types. Now all vacuum cleaners are noisy, but this thing has sub frequencies that are downright pain inducing, so much so that I either have to go out, or shut myself in a closet with lots of sound absorbing clothes.

Why are all dwellings built with a minimum of sound insulation? Surely better sound insulation means better heat insulation. Instead, I’m treated to a chorus of barking dogs, (why are most people who own dogs, incapable of training them? Ours is trained to only bark when someone comes to the front door, which is a big incentive for the potential burglar and opportunist to try elsewhere.) Then there’s the morons in their ‘boom boxes’ travelling past, (better sound insulation in vehicles perhaps,) and what is this trend of sitting in your car, and leaning on the horn, until someone comes to investigate, instead of getting out and walking the few yards to a front door and knocking. Is it any wonder we have such a mess of obesity, when people cant be bothered to get off their fat arses when they call on someone. Also, people shouting into mobile phones, am I missing something here, or do they really want all and sundry to know their business. Privacy was precious and held in high regard in my day, so I really don’t understand this ‘phenomenon’.

I can almost hear the comments – particularly from the young – “you’ve had your life you old fart, now let us have ours”. I not asking you to change your lifestyle, nor would I expect you to, all I‘m requesting is a little more consideration for others and a little more thought from designers of machines and dwellings to make life more tolerable for us all in our old age, (remember that you too will get old.) -Spikey


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