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Death By Religion


What to do about all these religious nutters running around slaughtering innocent people?

Some say ban all religions, after all, look at most problems currently anywhere in the world and back through history, and you will usually find some religion or other at the heart of it. I include the the so called ‘tolerant’ religions of the West in that, (the holy wars, the witch hunts, the Spanish Inquisition, the slaughter of indigenous peoples on different continents, and the tremendous intolerance of one religion for another.) I guess you cannot expect people who base their whole existence on a book of ‘fairy tales’, to think logically, or in most cases think at all; they should be either educated to a decent standard, which usually means an end to any belief in religion, or – failing that – locked up as ‘mentally deficient.’

Another method might be to create some kind of test for anyone applying for any position of power, be it religious, political, tribal, or social. It seems to me that most of the idiots currently in positions of power around the world would fail even a simple intelligence test. This test should weed out the greedy, ambitious, selfish, criminally insane, and stupid (that would eliminate about 99.9% of the current crop of morons). Positions of power should be based on the original concept of ‘helping the general public’ not screwing the poor bastard for every penny s/he has. (I think some redistribution of wealth would be in order too.)

If you look at population growth from the individual countries point of view, most Western countries are in decline, even Russia. There is some growth in the America’s (North and South) population, but nothing like the enormous growth in Muslim Countries like North Africa, India, and the Arab States; the home of the biggest nutters of them all, where torture and murder in the most barbaric way is accepted as the norm. Will the ‘powers that be’ continue to ignore the obvious threat until the planet is overrun with them and its far too late, or will they ‘come to their senses’ and act now?

As for IS, ISS, ISIS, or what ever it is the morons call themselves, they should be treated as the vermin that they so clearly are and wiped out completely. Countries could offer ‘bounty’ for their pelts, there’s no quicker way to create extinction of a species than payment for its death, and this is a very dangerous sub-species indeed. (Although it would be difficult to prove that any body [pelt] was a member of ISISSISIS or whatever it’s called and you would have a lot of dead Muslims on your hands, but then is that such a bad thing?) Any idiot who believes that he goes to heaven or paradise by killing someone who doesn’t belong to his faith beggars belief; I think most of us could live much happier lives without that kind of threat hanging over us, don’t you.

I can almost hear the screams from the ‘do good brigade’, or Human Rights mob, of; “They deserve better, or What about their Human Rights?” And I would agree if they were human, but scumbags who can torture then bury alive innocent children cannot – by any stretch of the imagination – be considered ‘Human’. Of course, now that the Elite’s of most countries have used them to reduce wages and smash Union’s by ‘importing’ millions of them into said countries, they are no longer contained, and their control and/or elimination will be that much more difficult. Also by using them as the ‘Terrorist’ threat to pass anti-social laws and fund ‘secret police’ expansion, the ‘powers that be’ have pissed-off even the most tolerant of them and turned them into radicals who are a much greater threat to the same Elite and to the rest of us because they live among us. Personally, I think if they turn on the Elite and take them out, they may do us all a big favour, problem is, that they will usually take us poor saps out first, (as the ‘easy’ targets).

So my question for the Politicians and their ‘puppet masters’, also for the ‘do good brigade’, is: When they are torturing and be-heading your friends and family, will you still consider them deserving of the title ‘Human’?

(Just something that I think needs saying, very loudly… Spikey)


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