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The end is nigh

 Top Billionaires

Everywhere I look, I see predictions of big trouble ahead. That most Governments have created enormous debt via money printing that it can never be repaid. They have effectively borrowed from the future, our children’s future. A quote I’m seeing more and more “debt is slavery”, ours and our children’s slavery.

They have devalued the various ‘Fiat’ currencies with ‘money printing’ to such a degree, that the plebs (us), no longer trust the Banks and those ‘in charge’. So we draw out ‘Cash’ as soon as our wages or pensions are deposited and use cash to make our normal transactions. The ‘powers that be’ don’t like this; first they can’t ‘see’ what we are buying, and second they are not getting their ‘cut’. This is the reason they are pushing for an end to cash, so we can only use their ‘electronic money’ for everything.

From what I read and see around me, there is a very good chance that this ‘end to cash’ could be the final straw. People are angry, most don’t feel ‘part of the system’ any more, they feel used and abused, taken for granted and screwed for every last penny by an uncaring bureaucracy that seems to be answerable to no one. More work for the same wage, or even a reduced wage, while prices in the High Street just keep steadily rising, or smaller packets/reduced quality at the same price. The destruction of Unions and massive unemployment ensure that the aggrieved worker has no choice but to accept his lot, or join the millions of ‘jobless’. This kind of treatment is not breeding any ‘love thy master’, and sooner or later the shit will hit the fan. Personally I believe it is much closer that many think.

When it does happen, there will be so very many caught out; those that ‘trust the system’ and refuse to see what is right in front of them. The goldenjackass.com who has done a study, says that they are in the majority and seem to be suffering some kind of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. For those of you without your head buried in the sand, a few words of advice: Keep as little money as you can in Banks, don’t invest in stocks and shares, or any ‘paper’ assets. If you buy ‘real’ assets, get the asset in your hand, no promissory notes, or paper IOU’s, don’t use Vaults, Storage, or ‘safe’ deposit boxes. Get the physical asset and keep it where you can see it. When the ‘crash’ happens, the first things that disappear are those listed above. I don’t care if your Bank is run by a lifetime friend, the fascists that run this world will take everything they can get their greedy hands on, so be forewarned.

If this ‘End of cash’ looks likely to take place in your area soon, spend all your cash on ‘physical assets’, it doesn’t have to be gold and silver, anything you can sell or barter at a later date will do, just get rid of the cash before they make it worthless. Don’t put any personal info about what your doing on your computer or phone, try and keep it in your head, your mind is the only thing the bastards can’t read; yet.

Remember; the first thing to do if you are in a hole, is to stop digging…



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