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In praise of Blender

In praise of Blender Render

Everything you see here was created with Blender!

At last I have found true freedom! For the first time in my life, I’m free of all restrictions, taboos, prejudice, and mind numbing laws. In Blender, I can create a 3d world that’s only limitation is my own imagination, and I have a very vivid and creative one. In this world I can even change the laws of physics, if I can imagine it, I can create it. It just needs time; a resource that in retirement is the only thing this selfish society has given me in abundance.

Many years ago I dabbled with LightWave, and in later years DAZ, and a few other 3D programs, but DAZ was my favourite. About ten years ago, I moved from Windoz to Linux, I got fed-up with the never ending battle against spam, viruses and registry problems. The only thing I missed was DAZ. Initially, I looked at Blender, as the only available 3D program for Linux, but I didn’t like it much. I looked again about a week ago, and what a difference! As ‘open software’, its development is dependant on the number and dedication of its users, and this has become a very popular program. I couldn’t believe how much it has changed, it’s now far more versatile, intuitive, and easier to use than DAZ ever was, and the fact that it’s all completely free, is mind boggling.

Now I can escape my depressing, oppressed world and move to one of my own creation. Where ‘ownership’ of literally anything is not dependant on how much money you have in the bank, but solely on your skill at ‘Vertex’ manipulation, (if you have no idea what a ‘Vertex’ is, don’t be put-off, look at some of the ‘beginners’ tutorials on YouTube, if you follow along with some of them, you’ll be creating things in minutes/hours that took me weeks/months in DAZ.) While you’re on YouTube; have a look at “Blender Demo’s”, “Blender Video’s”, or just Google “Blender”, the quality and quantity of available ‘stuff’ is incredible. It’s used in the film industry, animation, games creation, fashion, advertising, photography, simulations, training video’s, in fact the list seems to be endless.

If you’ve ever dreamed of being creative, even if your art skills are ‘crap’, try Blender! Once you learn the interface controls, (there are a lot of them, but don’t be intimidated, knowledge comes with practice,) you’ll find it’s easy to make just about anything. Indulge your wildest dreams, desires and fantasies, where you don’t have to put-up with the “tut-tut” brigade telling you what you can and cant do. Because animation is so simple, yet powerful in Blender, it’s like bringing your thoughts to life.

I highly recommend this program, download it from ‘blender.org for free and discover your ‘new world’. It’s available for Windoz, Mac, and Linux in both 32 and 64 bit versions. You’ll need about 1Gb or more of drive space to do this program justice and the more RAM memory you have the better. If you have a NVIDIA graphic card, most have “CUDA” cores which are usable by the ‘cycles render engine’ and faster than the CPU. (I think I read somewhere that AMD are working on making the power of their cards available to the renderer too.)

If you only have a laptop, I recommend you get yourself a three button mouse (the scroll wheel type), you can use the program without one, but it’s a real pain. Go into ‘User Preferences’ under ‘input’ where you can click ’emulate mouse’. Most laptops don’t have a ‘numpad’ either, so you’ll need to emulate that too (same place).

If you have some time to spare, put some enjoyment back in your life and ignore your real world problems. This is much better than ‘escape’ via TV or FILM, it’s what ever you want it to be…



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