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Star Field

Area surrounding the stellar cluster NGC 2467, located in the southern constellation of Puppis (“The Stern”). With an age of a few million years at most, it is a very active stellar nursery, where new stars are born continuously from large clouds of dust and gas. The image, looking like a colourful cosmic ghost or a gigantic celestial Mandrill, contains the open clusters Haffner 18 (centre) and Haffner 19 (middle right: it is located inside the smaller pink region — the lower eye of the Mandrill), as well as vast areas of ionised gas. The bright star at the centre of the largest pink region on the bottom of the image is HD 64315, a massive young star that is helping shaping the structure of the whole nebular region.

Have you ever wondered when you look up at the sky at night, just how many others on other planets are doing the very same thing! When you look at our solar system, planets seem to be a very common commodity, so why not around other suns? (Already proven.) And as to life, with the enormous variety on our ball of mud, it stands to reason that it has to exist elsewhere. It just means that the planet in question has to be the right distance from it’s star, (not too hot and not too cold.) Lab experiments have already shown that the creation of simple life forms is not that difficult, just the right chemical mix and a spark! (Lighting?) So those that believe life on this planet is somehow unique, seem to me to be afflicted with enormous arrogance, if not ignorance.

The number of stars in our galaxy alone runs into many billions and if we include the billions of other galaxies in the (known) universe, you begin to realise that life must be – by odds alone – enormous. Now many of these life forms could be very different, and maybe unrecognisable as life as we understand it. Many would be probably in the early stages of development, just as many could be far in advance of our own. I personally think that the Si-Fi images of ‘death dealing’ aliens, invading our planet to destroy us all, is just an extension of our own violent disposition. If you can imagine a species so very far in advance of ours, (they would have to be, to cover the vast distances involved.) Therefore they would be well past our stage of ‘war like’ evolutionary ignorance, past greed, avarice and selfish violence. They would likely have a common language, something like a shared resource based economy that leads to no envy and therefore no crime. Which means a society that we can only dream of; true peace and equality. I cant see a society like that wanting to destroy us, watch us, certainly, after all, to them we must be an absolute ‘nightmare’ of a society. It would probably be analogous to our fascination with ‘horror films’ and it would certainly account for all the UFO sightings!

Just what must they think of us? As we allow the greed of the few to destroy our home planet! The destruction of the rain forests – the planets lungs – just so that a few rich shits can have hardwood floors and furniture. Decimation of the water table, draining lakes and rivers by Fracking, causing enormous pollution and earthquakes, and all to keep the polluting motor car on the road. Strip mining for rapidly depleting resources, leaving enormous scars and pollution, just so a few billionaire families can get even richer. And a political and economic system that favours the few while stealing from the many what little wealth and resources they have managed accrue from a lifetime of slave labour. No common language, or common planetary goal. No true concept of birth control; fitting world population to available resources. No real policy for control and distribution of food and water world wide. And all of us merrily polluting our dieing planet as we continually ‘consume’ – as we have been brainwashed to do – while producing mountains of trash.

Not exactly the picture of an intelligent race is it? You see the problem is that the stupid are completely ignorant of just how stupid they really are! It will take a major catastrophe, and I’m talking about millions dead – including quite a few of them at the top – before the greedy idiots that run this planet wake up to see the damage they are actually doing. -Spìkey.


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