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USA Deep in the smelly stuff

(I found this on my hard drive, I’m not sure when it was written, or who wrote it, but it seems very relevant with the current mess the world is … Continue reading

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The New Spies out of America.

This Is Not A Mosquito!! Look closely….Incredible Have you ever wished you could be a fly on the wall to spy on what’s going on or being said? How about … Continue reading

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I know this is not for everyone, but for any writer interested in the early history of writing, its a fascinating subject. – Spikey. ************** Elder Fuþark The Elder Futhark, … Continue reading

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An exercise in common sense

Here’s a little something to make you think, (seems to be very little of it happening today.) ****** A farmer died leaving his 17 horses to his three sons When … Continue reading

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The World I once knew has long since disappeared. Common decency, respect, generosity, kindness and compassion, all gone. To be replaced by what; greed, arrogance, selfishness, and a general ‘I’ll … Continue reading

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BRICS the new order?

BRICS creating parallel Monetary Fund disillusioned with IMF and World Bank. Frustrated by the IMF and World Bank controversial policy, the BRICS nations go on creating the alternative financial supranational … Continue reading

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Atheists seem to be the only branch of mankind with enough intelligence not to commit mass murder, be it in a war, a group, or a single act of protest. … Continue reading

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U.S. State Department & Explosives

Those war mongering bastards in America are up to no good again. The Dept of Homeland Security arsenal is well known as the means for the 1% to control or … Continue reading

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The silent majority

Written by a senior citizen in England  It’s sad but true; it is difficult not to agree with the 72-year-old man who wrote this letter, I notice there isn’t a … Continue reading

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I have just heard that Hayao Miyazaki is to retire from animation after the finish of the current film ‘The Wind Rises’, this will be a great loss to the … Continue reading

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Ukraine Flashpoint

I was planing to write something along these lines, but as this guy is far better educated than me and has all the right information, so it makes more sense … Continue reading

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The Vampire Squid

There are currently so many countries with large and angry protests taking place; Turkey, Syria, Ukraine, Argentina, Kazakhstan, China, even Italy. Unemployment, inflation and the ‘obvious’ corruption all fuel this … Continue reading

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Russian Power If Obama and the power ‘freaks’ behind him think they can tell Russia what to do, and stroll in and take their resources, the way they have in … Continue reading

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Why do most American films have to give away the plot in the first few minutes, I can’t believe that all Americans are so thick that they have to be … Continue reading

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