Spikey1one's Rants

One angry old man against the world


I think the super rich who run the show made a drastic error of judgment when they decided to rob the man in the street of what little savings he had managed to amass during his pathetic life. The lies and bullshit that continuously dribbled from the lips of their politician puppets, had completely disillusioned the population to the point where no one actually believed the lies anymore, not even the politicians themselves. When the banking families offered home loans to those they knew could not pay them back, on the premise of robbing them of the house and any money they might have when they defaulted, they had not taken into account the greedy men in the – now completely unregulated stock-market – who packaged up those same loans and sold them on as triple ‘A’ stocks world wide. This in turn led to the collapse of the same banks who amassed lots of these ‘AAA’ stocks, which they saw as safe bets.

When the bubble burst, and the dominoes began to fall, the super rich – particularly the banking families – told their puppets to make excuses for the use of public funds to bail out those same banks and financial institutions that had caused the problem in the first place. When the massive short-fall of public finances began to bite, and the lay-offs, cut-backs and austerity plans began effecting the populous around the world, their disillusionment changed to anger. The super rich, super stupid, attempted to channel the anger for their own ends, using their tried and trusted media outlets, but the people had seen it all before and the anger began to fester into downright murderous intent. America, home of the brainwashed, took longer than most countries to see how they had been used, but even they began to wake-up to the facts.

Because America is a country with so much weaponry in the hands of the ordinary people, when they finally did wake up to how much they had been conned out of by their greedy masters, the blood ran the deepest. Of course the rich employed their usual protectors, the police and the army, but most of the lower ranks in both new exactly what the protestors were protesting about as they too were on the receiving end of the avarice of those in power. As they were forced to open fire on even peaceful protesters by their officers, the reluctance grew into anger and insubordination which eventually became complete noncompliance.

Officers who understood their men, didn’t try to force the issue, but those who did, quickly suffered fatal accidental gun-shot wounds and the army and police joined forces with the protesters. This not only opened the way to gratifying the bloodlust of the mob, it also provided them with much heavier weapons from the army arsenals. As it happened they really did need them, as many of the rich had employed their own private armies, men who would do anything for money. Even the armored cars, which many of the rich had taken to traveling in, were no match for armor piercing ordinance which many of the mobs now carried. The fortified homes that many of them holed up in were quickly destroyed by the angry lower ranks, well trained in the use of heavy guns, small, medium and large missiles, (non nuclear of course). All nuclear weapons had been quickly disabled by those employed to maintain them, they of course had much more common sense than their masters.

This scenario is repeated to a lesser or greater extent around the world, with the exception of a few smaller countries where the rich just packed up and moved out to their private islands. But because the rich have few if any practical skills, they still needed servants, and these same servants became their downfall. Because they divulged the whereabouts of those in hiding, and the angry murderous mobs soon took care of them, thus the complete annihilation of the rich occurred leaving the world a far better place without their greed and arrogance.

This lesson was well learnt by those remaining with the ambition and greed to replace the departed ‘Elite’. Most repressed any feelings in that direction and the few who did try, were quickly strung up by the neck in prominent positions to deter any future explorations in that direction.

(A very satisfying fantasy. – Spikey.)



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