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One angry old man against the world


All the things that once gave pleasure are being steadily whittled away by this corrupt, contemptuous society, at least by a small ‘up-tight’ section of it. I call them the … Continue reading

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Future Steps

Computing has just taken a huge step into the future with the release of the new CPU from AMD; the ZEN, newly branded as the RYZEN. This is the first … Continue reading

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  Have you ever wondered when you look up at the sky at night, just how many others on other planets are doing the very same thing! When you look … Continue reading

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  First you need to look at the legislation being passed in your parliament, and especially in the American capital, against the NET. If they want to stop it, then … Continue reading

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It’s a Fact!

What exactly is a fact? Many would say that it’s an indisputable truth! Some would refer you to the well known statement “death and taxes”. We will all die, certainly, … Continue reading

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“Time marches on”, but for most of us ‘old uns’, it’s broken into a run. Many of the terms and sayings that we were familiar with have fallen into disuse, … Continue reading

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In praise of Blender

At last I have found true freedom! For the first time in my life, I’m free of all restrictions, taboos, prejudice, and mind numbing laws. In Blender, I can create … Continue reading

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The end is nigh

Everywhere I look, I see predictions of big trouble ahead. That most Governments have created enormous debt via money printing that it can never be repaid. They have effectively borrowed … Continue reading

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The Muslim Problem

                                                        We can’t seem to pin point the problem! The Shoe Bomber was a Muslim The Beltway Snipers were Muslims The Fort Hood Shooter was a Muslim The underwear Bomber … Continue reading

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Its Magic

I was in a small quiet café, having a snack and a coffee, when they entered noisily. Half a dozen kids and a wizened old woman, the children were arguing … Continue reading

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Death By Religion

What to do about all these religious nutters running around slaughtering innocent people? Some say ban all religions, after all, look at most problems currently anywhere in the world and … Continue reading

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Noise of the Machine

The modern labour saving machine is a great idea, but does it have to be so bloody noisy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no ‘Luddite’ longing for the simpler past, … Continue reading

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The Modern Bandit

Have you noticed how large Corporations seem to treat their customers with complete contempt these days. They rarely, if ever, respond to e-mails, trying to phone them is like negotiating … Continue reading

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This holiday was number of years ago and the only holiday in many years, but I thought my ramblings may still be of some use to those thinking of holidaying … Continue reading

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